Claim #1505942 against: Associated Mortgage Bankers, Inc

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    • Amount Involved: $947.95
    • Filed On: Jul 09, 2012
    • Posted On: Jul 20, 2012
    • Bad business practices
    • Problem with a service
    • Customer service runarounds

The Complaint

What happened

Claimant's opinion:

I was supposed to get a loan to refinance my home back in I think November of 2011. I waited and waited had to call the agent many times to get an answer and was told to wait. I had my house appraised for $445.00 and never heard if my loan went through. I was given the run around enough and called and talked to the owner. I told him, this is 4 months later I never even received a copy of my appraisal, I never even knew what my house was worth. He was suprised and had the appraisal e-mailed to me. If I didnt ask him I would have never received it, not a way to do business. I was told to wait for some kind of loan hey were waiting on for me, never heard back. Another month went by I left a message that I was going to get in touch with the B.B.B. Behold the next day I got a call saying I couldnt get the loan. I wouldnt have known this without this call. I think this is a terrible job by this company. Seven months to find this result. I want my $440 back

Bad Business Practices
  • Poor customer service

I had to call numerous times to get my information

Problem With A Service
  • Bad advice and/or instructions

I was told this was going to work, dont worry we will let you know, never happened

Customer Service Runarounds

I received a complete runaround by this company

"I Just Feel Ripped Off."

I had to paqy $440.00 for an appraisal and now Im suppose to just eat it, I dont think so.

  • Jul 12, 2012, Claiming party added:
  • No one told me that my house had to be appraised at a certain price or I would havce not had an appraisal done

  • Jul 12, 2012, Claiming party added:
  • I also lost the opportunity to have another loan given to me by another company because you took 7 months to let me know I wasnt approved. I want compensation or I will get in touch with my attorney.

What Claimant Wants

  • Terms under which Associated Mortgage Bankers, Inc can satisfy this claimant
  • Status: In Negotiation
Cash settlement
What By When How Much
1. Compensation: all the time I spent waiting for an answer when I had dozens of other companies asking to help me but I spent this time waiting. I actually lost seven months waiting when I could have gone with another company and saved money for all of those months. Jul 24, 2012 $500.00
2. Refund: My $440.00 appraisal Jul 13, 2012 $440.00
3. Include public posting fee Jul 13, 2012 $7.95
Total : $947.95
*In the event this company is operating under bankruptcy protection, see notice at the bottom of this page.

Latest Response from Associated Mortgage Bankers, Inc

  • Associated Mortgage Bankers, Inc to claimant
  • Status: Rejected
Claim is declined by Associated Mortgage Bankers, Inc for the following reason:
  • I disagree with the explanation / grounds provided

    Your complaint has been investigated and please be advised your loan was declined due to the fact that upon receiving the Appraisal Report the value of your home did not qualify for any loan programs that were available at that time of your application. It is not company policy to refund the cost of the Appraisal fee after the property is appraised by a Licensed Appraiser and the value is lower than that was stated at the time of application. Respectfully Compliance Department of Associated Mortgage Bankers Inc

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