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    • Claim #: 3849407
    • Amount Involved: 40,668.61
    • Filed On: Jul 18, 2013
    • Posted On: Jul 29, 2013
    • Complaint(s):
      • Income loss
      • Harassment
      • Fraud
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Income Loss

Claimant's opinion: I loss income when I moved to Michigan under false pretenses.


Claimant's opinion: Now he refuses to pay and keeps leading me on about payments, this is very mentally and emotionally draining.


Claimant's opinion: He asked for this money with the promise to repay it, but now refuses to. He obtained the money under false pretenses/fraud.

Claimant's opinion:

Andrew Scott Yancer, DOB 12-25-1962, borrowed many thousands of dollars from me. He always had a sad story, his vehicle was broken, his water was going to be turned off, his gas was going to turned off, his car insurance was going to be cancelled, he wanted to visit his son, he needed gas money, he loss his drivers license because of tickets and needed those paid, his vehicle was impounded because he was driving on a suspended license, he owed his sisters money, he didn't have money to pay his rent, his son needed money to pay his phone bill, get his car repaired, move into an apartment, and on and on.
I was stupid and fell for it, but he was aware the money were loans for everything. I helped him and his son on many things. He even promised one time to pay me back out of his next paycheck, but that didn't happen. That was the last time I loaned him any money.
I know I was stupid to loan him money but we were dating and he was leading me on with that.
I thought we were serious, but found out later that he was playing the field. I even found a job and moved to Michigan because we were talking about a future. I know red flags should have been going up, I was stupid to believe him.
I finally had enough of the lies and broke it off with him. I asked him to start repaying the loans and he promised he would. But you guesed it he never did, for over a year.
He has paid a very small portion of what he owes me and when I ask for payments he claims I am harassing him. I now start everything with "this is an attempt to collect a debt".
All I want is my money, the property of mine he still has I have written off.
I have a spreadsheet showing the amounts he borrowed. I had to have an attorney write him a letter to start getting payments from him. Once I asked for the payments to go to my PO Box the payments came further and further apart and less and less in the amount.
He misrepresented himself to me to obtain the money. He basically committed fraud by doing that.
I know this is not the first time he has borrowed money and not paid it back, his one sister went to court and got a judgment against him. I hope by doing this his next victim will avoid the headaches.

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What Claimant Wants
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  • Status: In Negotiation
    This claim has posted for public comment and negotiation. It will remain posted until resolved to the claimant's satisfaction. Suggest a resolution to help these parties reach a settlement.
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What By When How Much
1. Compensation: moving expenses Aug 02, 2013 $3,000.00
2. Compensation: difference in pay/loss pay for move Aug 02, 2013 $6,000.00
3. Payment due: amount still owing that I am willing to settle for Aug 02, 2013 $5,018.61
4. Recovery of Losses: missing personal property Aug 02, 2013 $150.00
5. Pay me for my time: 60 hours @ 25.00 Aug 02, 2013 $1,500.00
6. intentional infliction of emotional distress Aug 02, 2013 $25,000.00
7. Other – Pay for claim posting cost Aug 02, 2013 $7.99
Cash total : $40,676.60
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  • Comment: Contributed by onlyu0664 On: 10/13/2013
  • i just found this in my spam folder on FB
    i think you getting what you deserve just because you tried to extort 750.00 from me and threaten to send me to jail if i didn't pay.. it was only after i contacted a lawyer friend and got the facts and reported you to the legal document preparers board your employer and the courts did you back off, however you got lucky because the lawyer friend wanted me to sue your for $500,000.00 for what you were doing to me the only reason i didn't sue you is because i knew andy put you up to it all... i sued him got my money in 4/2012 and you're the dumb ass to have gotten involved with him and move to Michigan. then to loan him money after you knew i was going after him to get paid back that makes you really stupid.
    after what you did to me i think its KARMA that this is all happening to you. you deserve it and it couldn't happen to a worse person then you...
    if you involve me in this and i have to go to court it will cost you so much money so my advice to you is DONT INVOLVE ME IN THIS because if i end up in court i will tell the truth and bury you both for the hell you put me though.
    if you are going after him i suggest you do it in Michigan it is a lot easier with the courts there then in Arizona and if you win a judgement then it will be easier to have his wages garnished in Michigan also.
    Don't do this in Arizona you have a better chance of losing
    this page is messed up and i don't agree with this i think you got what you deserve so don't think I am on your side matter
    if your still in Michigan i suggest you get this resolved and move back to Az

  • Comment: Contributed by jill z. On: 08/03/2013
  • Ok now I have proof he was cheating on me while he was still in Arizona. Facebook is a downfall for so many people.
    How will he explain to his wife about the dates/amount of money he owes me?

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