Teresa Morgan-Smith vs. Allergan Pharmaceuticals And Tylenol Inc : $20,758,439.65

Tissue Epidermal Necrosis caused By TYLENOL. EATS YOUR SKIN, THERE IS NO HEALING

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I can't take anti-inflammatory drugs, due to reactions is Meningitis, absorption issues due to Gut bacteria that can cause cancer x3. Severe reflux inhaling gastric acid due to Reflux. So I had been taking Norco compounded with 325mg ACETOMENOFEN. For seven years I developed Painful Lesions all over my body that would not heal. I lost my 29 year Career as a Registered Nurse. Too many open lesions to cover. University of MICHIGAN had no clue, dermatologist had no clue, my family MD had no clue. I loved my career. On unemployment for awhile. In Michigan they over payed many. I had no strength to fight this like others. So now I'm on Low paying disability, depressing. I live with my abusive husband, he blames me for all of this..Daily I would research, one day I found it the FFS had not yet made it PUBLIC. So I went to my MD, he agreed. Took me off the Norco with compound. I started to heal. Took 2+ yrs. I still break out, but lesions are not as big, deep. Antibiotics were all ineffective...My immune system is compromised from both conditions. I can no longer live with a verbally abusive husband. I called Tylenol, they blamed it on Allergen Pharmaceuticals. They said they were going to contact my MD. They lied. They never sent me a form for consent. I can no longer be treated like this. I want a SETTLEMENT. My career is gone, my marriage, I need money to leave. I need help. I have a scared body, looks like I've been SCALDED this many yrs out of work, impossible to get hired. On medication for reasons that are shocking. If needed you will know. Can you direct me in the right direction, so I can have a life.


MS Teresa

Update August 16,2016
I had a conversation with Alainia on JUNE 22,2016 @ 1500
We discussed my issue I'm having in relation to Norco 10-325. Skin issues, Ulcers all over my body. Painful deep ulcers on my face,arms,legs,chest,entire back, ulcers on my inner arms
She rudely said that,that Tylenol is compounded and Johnson and Johnson has no relationship with Tylenol in Norco. She told me that Allergen Pharmasuticals produces the Drug. Johnson and Johnson does not produce the Tylenol for Allergen ! Come to find out she did not tell me the truth ! She LIED ! The reason why I called, on Twitter it said ,Tylenol Cares ! Tylenol / Johnson and Johnson doesn't care ! I was just letting them know that I've have side effects from Tylenol. You would think a company would like to know ! Tylenol doesn't care,they lie. I told her I lost my CAREER as a REGISTERED NURSE, and it was for 29 yrs..No CAREER how would that make you feel ? She didn't even care about I could no longer work. Because she lies ! That snow balled into No income,ruined my bank account,oh ruined my credit. Ruined my marriage, had my Car Repossessed ! I suffered 7 long yrs, because this problem had not made it passed the FDA ! I LOST THE JOB THAT I LOVED. HOW WOULD YOU FEEL IF YOU LOST YOUR JOB!
ALLERGEN PHARMASUTICALS, let me know that you do produce the Tylenol that ALLERGEN compounds ! Yes you are PART OF THIS CLAIM, BECAUSE YOU ARE GUILTY !
I have been on VICODIN and or Tylenol for 20 yrs. I had been it by Drunk Drivers a year apart. I suffer from Degerative Disc DS. Can't spell sorry prior to that I came down with Meningitis from Nsaids. So the only med I can take is Tylenol. Doctor told me to ever take Nsaids again,it also ate up my Gut. So Tylenol was my drug of choice ! Now Doctor tells me not to ever take Tylenol products again. Because I started to heal. It took over a year, my immune system is now knocked out, hx of Hpyloria. My skin looks like I have been eaten alive. I would Love to assist you with Lot#, It's rather impossible. It's a been over 20 yrs, I needed the Tylenol compound to Function .

Well it's been nice talking with you ! Just think this would not be happening if you cared ! Now I want $100,000.00 for the rest of my life. Oh also Health Insurance for the REST OF MY LIFE, SINCE I DID'NT DIE .I want the best Heath insurance with no DEDUCTIBLE or Copay ! If you don't respond this will be ALL OVER THE INTERNET. I would respond Asap to that claim number ! ALLERGEN Pharmasuticals let me know that your have to own up to this problem. I commend Allergen for Not Lieing !

Look forward in hearing from you !


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What By When How Much
1. Compensation: My career is no linger existany Aug 09, 2016 $5,000.00
2. Damages: My lufe, my health, my marriage Aug 09, 2016 $5,000,000.00
3. Recovery of Losses: Csreer loss. Skin damage. Abusive husband. He blames me. Hes nor educated Aug 09, 2016 $5,000,000.00
4. Credit: Ruined. No money. Unemployment wants a payback. It was their error, others their case has been dropped. I dint have energy to fight for myself Aug 09, 2016 $5,000,000.00
5. Copy claim to regulators Aug 09, 2016 $14.99
6. Pay me interest $5,753,424.66
Just make me happy!
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Cash total : $20,758,439.65
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  • Contributed Solution: Allergen and Johnson and Johnson need to face consequences. It's to their advantage I didn't become Septic and died I would even consider a part time job, with settlement paid. I would work , . I researched my own diagnosis.found it..Doctors were no
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    Contributed: 09-20-2016

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    Contributed: 09-20-2016

  • Allergen needs to pay for damages. I no longer have a career, could not work with open wounds there was too many. Skin is the largest organ in our bodies, it's a protective element. Damaged it no longer serves its purpose. My immune system was damaged  from Motrin causing Meningitis v

    I have no job, it ruined my marriage and I want out, I'm scared . This ruined my credit, had cars repoed, that's very humiliating. It ruined my way of living. I LOVED MY CAREER .

    MOST IMPORTANTLY I NEED TO LEAVE, NO MONEY TO GET THERE..I Don not deserve to be treated like this. Allergen has 10 days from today to settle. This is my life that's been destroyed. 

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