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    • Amount Involved: $3,822.90
    • Filed On: Nov 12, 2012
    • Posted On: Nov 23, 2012
    • Billing Problems

The Complaint

What happened

Claimant's opinion:

Filed a fraudulent complaint with their credit card company and reversed the charges for doing the search engine optimization work for his company. This company had thousands of backlinks built for them. Onpage SEO was done for more than 100 pages on the website. More than 20 high end articles written (artist biographies). More than 50 high end videos. A website built as well. The owners name is Kenny Ackerman. Two other complaints:$2,700.00 Another person with the same type of complaint:

Billing Problems

Did not pay for the services that were rendered for this company.

  • Nov 12, 2012, Claiming party added:
  • Here is the simple 5 page website that was built per the instructions of this company:

    To your statement of no Onpage SEO being done- do you even know what the Onpage SEO factors are?

    To your claim of shady SEO practices let this be known to anyone who reads this:
    He was told upfront no guarantee's (I can not control Google). He expected to be #1 on Google for artists like "Pablo Picasso" in less than 60 days for less than $40. Impossible.

    Am I the only one that see's his website? In some of the results you can also see the artist video's ranking in the top ten too.

    This is the custom YouTube channel that was created for this company and all the videos contained in it were created by our video specialist (for $5 a piece mind you):

    Let anyone who reads this look at the information and videos and tell me it is substandard.

    I have documentation that I will be making public real soon. This is your last chance .

What Claimant Wants

  • Terms under which Ackermans Fine Art can satisfy this claimant
  • Status: In Negotiation
Cash settlement
What By When How Much
1. Damages: Reversed credit charges Nov 20, 2012 $3,800.00
2. Copy claim to regulators Dec 03, 2012 $14.95
3. Include public posting fee Dec 03, 2012 $7.95
Total : $3,822.90
*In the event this company is operating under bankruptcy protection, see notice at the bottom of this page.

Latest Response from Ackermans Fine Art

  • Ackermans Fine Art to claimant
  • Status: Rejected
Claim is declined by Ackermans Fine Art for the following reason:
  • I disagree with the explanation / grounds provided

    The work done by Mr. Burk's was unacceptable because of extremely poor quality; was never completed; and was detrimental to my business. This is a fact not an opinion, which I received from a reputable SEO company. Mr. Burk's charges unsuspecting individuals excessive amounts of money for extremely sub-par SEO services that do nothing to help their businesses. In addition, his underhandedness is clearly evident in the fact that he had me pay him directly and not through the pairing company ( that I found him through, thus robbing them of their commission.

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  • Comment: Contributed by Jennifer S., Creighton University Werner Institute For Dispute Resolution, M.S. Candidate - On: 11/25/2012
  • In this situation, the parties should sit down with a mediator or other third party neutral to discuss the terms of the contract and whether there was a material breach of the terms of the contract in regards to the services offered or whether there was performance of the contract. Because of the high level of technical knowledge associated with this particular contract, involving a third party neutral with a background in this particular area of expertise would be beneficial to both parties involved, as both parties are alleging that the contract was breached.

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