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    • Filed On: Jun 21, 2015
    • Posted On: Jul 02, 2015
    • Complaint(s):
      • Customer service runarounds
      • Contract / Agreement dispute
      • Failure to disclose facts
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Of great concern to a tax service that filed tax forms to the IRS and two different states for the tax year 2014. They have not sent my file copies despite attempts to contact them both at their place of business in Manassas Virginia and their home in Prince William County, Virginia (also used as an address to send money for tax services). Two different police officers for the city and county have spoken with them, and the only answer I receive is a note saying "their computers were hit by a virus on April 17th" nothing sent to me but an empty attachment, which gave text data for my returns, and my personal information furnished them by mail for completion and filing of taxes. Wanted to notify all those who may have used this service, as I am concerned where my personal information went and why the owners do not either admit their problem and go forward to the IRS and the two states involved to pay for copies to be retrieved from their electronic accounting to be sent to me, the client. How many others have had this issue with their tax service this year? They should be held accountable since they are a licensed corporation and are failing to notify us of any steps they can or have taken to retrieve our personal tax files they had in their computer and which they filed electronically to the IRS, and two States.

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Customer Service Runarounds

Claimant's opinion: Not answering or returning messages regarding this information since mid-March. Still without our tax return copies ABL filed for us. This is personal information which you are failing to return to usl.

Contract / Agreement Dispute
  • Inadequate disclosure or misleading information
  • Breach of contract
  • Bad faith
  • Lack of communication

Claimant's opinion: Failure to furnish client with their IRS, and two State Tax Returns which you were paid to file in 2015 for the tax year, 2014.

Failure To Disclose Facts

Claimant's opinion: What really happened to my financial information in your files? If it was lost via a virus, it should be retrievable and you state you have new computers up and running in your tax business. If it was hacked, then you have #1: not been honest to the people whose information was stolen and #2: you have not taken steps to retrieve our personal tax information from the IRS and the two States where we lived in 2014.

Possibility Abl Allowed My Personal Data To Be Hacked.

Claimant's opinion: Very suspicious that the owners, Al and Norma Litchfield of ABL Tax Service LLC licensed to do business in the state where they live and other states, are not answering continued requests to send this information to us or have copies retrieved from the IRS and the two States with our tax copies for tax year, 2014, filed in 2015.

What Claimant Wants
  • Claimant agrees to resolve this matter under the following proposed terms of settlement.
  • Status: In Negotiation
    This claim has posted for public comment and negotiation. It will remain posted until resolved to the claimant's satisfaction. Suggest a resolution to help these parties reach a settlement.
  • Abl Tax Service Llc is asked to agree and settle or make a good-faith counteroffer, offer a rebuttal, or request additional information.
What By When
1. Replace: copies of 3 tax returns for 2015 not sent to us Jul 31, 2015
2. Information: Certified letter to us Jul 10, 2015
3. Letter certifying your request to IRS, and the two States paying and requesting they send file copies to us at our home address. Jul 06, 2015
What By When How Much
1. Other – Pay for claim posting cost Jul 06, 2015 $7.99
2. Other – Physical delivery charges Jul 06, 2015 $2.99
Cash total : $10.98
Non-cash: 3 items
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