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“Govberg Watch Repair-Dispute-#9561104”

  • Claim Status:
  • In Negotiation
  • Posted on: April 28,2013

Complaint Types: I just feel ripped off., Bad business practices, Customer service runarounds, Failure to return the watch in tact and as I sent it to Govberg Watch Repair., Problem with a service

Claimant says: "On January 22, 2013, Govbeg Watch Repair acknowledged receiving my Rolex Submariner, model no. 5508, for an estimate and for the possibility that I would request specific, limited repairs. After some delay and after Goverberg sent my Rolex to Rolex U.S.A, (New York), I decided against accepting its service. What was the reason for my decision? 1) Govberg sent my watch to Rolex U.S.A. and thereby relinquished--withou” ...Show more »

Claimant Seeks: $25.97

“Govberg Watch Repair-Dispute-#1247027”

  • Claim Status:
  • In Negotiation
  • Posted on: September 06,2012

Complaint Types: Bad business practices, Customer service runarounds, I want reimbursement of $!00., Problem with a service

Claimant says: "They broke the coil in my watch, and have since claimed five times (three times in emails) that the watch is unbroken. They continue to make this easily refuted claim, even though two local watch repair services have each independently examined the watch and told me the coil is broken. Update: Nov 21 2014 A third jeweler examined my watch and found that the works need to be replaced. Therefore Govberg Watch Repa” ...Show more »

Claimant Seeks: $60

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