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Showing 4 matches for NuWave PIC, Libertyville, Illinois:

“NuWave PIC- (Precision Induction Cooktop-Dispute-#8331647”

  • Claim Status:
  • In Negotiation
  • Posted on: October 31,2012

Complaint Types: I just feel ripped off., Contract / Agreement / Promise dispute

Claimant says: "The night of Sept.29,2012 , the ad was on Dish channel 224 about the NuWave PIC, buy one cooktop and get one free PLUS FREE bonus(Two complete NuWave PIC cooking packages included, the lady on the phone said all that, all you paid was for the first cooktop and the pay the postage on the rest so we did , we received the one cook top on Oct.3, 2012 and the carrying case with recipe book, I finally called them this week , Oct. 18, and asked why we hadn't received the rest of the things we were supposed to get, well the ” ...Show more »

Claimant Seeks: $0

“Nuwave PIC-Dispute-#1987010”

  • Claim Status:
  • In Negotiation
  • Posted on: October 26,2012

Complaint Types: I just feel ripped off., Bad business practices, Overcharge or billing error

Claimant says: "Ad was on TV- I ordered the PIC (cook top) as $99.99 + s/h of $29.95. A second set was offered for FREE if I paid the s/h.. I agreed to that purchase. I received the order correctly. EXCEPT for the bill that was enclosed was for $329.79!!!!!!! I have attempted to call on phone - left messages and also sent an e-mail...I have not heard anything from them. I would really appreciate your help with this. Iam also paying interest on credt card for this delay..... email they gave me is phone on re” ...Show more »

Claimant Seeks: $351


  • Claim Status:
  • In Negotiation
  • Posted on: July 28,2012

Complaint Types: I just feel ripped off., Problem with a service

Claimant says: "I ordered a precision cooktop from them on June 25. I received part of my order in about a week. Now I can't find anyone to tell me when the rest of my order will be here. I have called customer service every day for about 10 days and they will not call me back as they said they would.”

Claimant Seeks: $22.9

“H-earth ware New Wave-Dispute-#7508015”

  • Claim Status:
  • In Negotiation
  • Posted on: June 15,2012

Complaint Types: I just feel ripped off., Bad business practices, Customer service runarounds

Claimant says: "This company's ad on ABC Network is a scam. Their ad is misleading to the extent that it would cost you hundreds of dollars insted of the two 33 dollar payments for their electric flat would seem that some one in their company has resurrected Al Capone. I wish to cancel my new order...Order # 11342701 date of order 6-3-12 John Detra phone # 702-631-5561”

Claimant Seeks: $10.94

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