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“hugesnet internet providor Dispute”

  • Claim Status:
  • In Negotiation
  • Posted on: June 29,2014

Complaint Types: "I just feel ripped off.", Contract / Agreement dispute, Customer service runarounds, Poor Value for Money

Claimant says: "Because I am already in a 17mth contract with them they tell me I cannot bundle my internet and tv with direct tv. can you help? I could save with the direct tv offer and they do business with direct tv. I have moved from co to mt and was downgraded from 10mb to 5 mb and charged the same monthly price of 71.15*”

Claimant Seeks: $0

“hughes network systems-Dispute-#8058178”

  • Claim Status:
  • In Negotiation
  • Posted on: September 06,2012

Complaint Types: "I just feel ripped off.", Bad business practices, Contract / Agreement / Promise dispute, Customer service runarounds, Overcharge or billing error, Problem with a product, Problem with a service

Claimant says: "Hughes net's charge of $260.00 to disconnect their services when you are not satisfied with their services. This is an outrageous charge.*”

Claimant Seeks: $7.95

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