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Complaint against: Direct Line Cruises

Customer / Client VS. Direct Line Cruises

330 Motor Parkway, Hauppauge, 11788, United States

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Direct Line Cruises

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  • Problem with a service

Claimant Seeks: $2,522.90

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Filed: Jun 05, 2012
Posted: Jun 16, 2012
- D.B, Freeport, Michigan
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The Complaint

What happened

Claimant's opinion: I booked a cruise with Direct Line Cruises (DLC) which started in Europe and disembarked in India. I booked the cruise by telephone using their agent, Barbara Gronowski. After booking the cruise, I had been in constant contact with Barbara telephonically as well as by e-mail to find out the requirements for my cruise. Barbara failed to let me know that I needed a travel visa for India and as a result my husband and I had to disembark the shi

  • Bad advice and/or instructions


What Claimant Wants

Terms under which Direct Line Cruises can satisfy this claimant

Status:In negotiation(seeking public comment)

Claimant's Terms of Settlement to Direct Line Cruises

Jun 05, 2012

Cash settlement

What By when How much
1. Recovery of Losses: Half the cost of our return airline tickets Jun 20, 2012 $2,500.00
2. MAC Fees Jun 20, 2012 $14.95
3. Include public posting fee Jun 20, 2012 $7.95
$2,522.90 Principal amount:

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